WOW Floating Park

The first international ideas competition for young architects
promoted by BeSpace Group.

The 2030 Agenda represents the new global reference framework for the international commitment that the UN has set. It aimed at finding solutions to the great challenges of the planet, it has set a series of priorities for sustainable development to be achieved by 2030.

The essential elements of the Agenda 2030 are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which are grouped into five fundamental principles which are people, planet, prosperity, peace and collaboration. For example, the 2030 Agenda 2030 aims to guarantee the well-being of all people, economic development and environmental protection, dealing with aspects such as peace, the rule of law and good governance, which are essential for the promotion of sustainable development.

So as BeSpace, we also want to actively contribute and give a new face to the city of Lugano. The initiative aims to make people reflect on a Lugano of the future, starting from the global objectives that the UN has set for 2030. Each of us has a responsibility towards the society in which we live and above all towards future generations. The goal is to deliver, to those who will come after, a better world than the one we live in now. To implement the change, we want to start from the new generations and rely on the creativity of young people.

Recent demographic studies show that Lugano is experiencing a depopulation of the central areas. Let’s focus on the near future and imagine Lugano as a lively and attractive city for young people, families and innovative companies.

With the Play the Future project, BeSpace is looking for design solutions that take advantage not only of the city itself but also of the lake, imagining it as an extension of the city center, an outdoor space to be experienced in order to repopulate the city.

This is how was born the idea of designing a Floating Park, which will have to be WOW:

  • Wonderful: a marvel to look at and experience;
  • Original: with unique lines, bizarre style and innovative concept;
  • Waving: undulating, elegant, sinuous.

The design site is Lake Lugano, precisely the area in front of Piazza Bernardino Luini, in Lugano.

The project will have to comply with 4 of the 17 Global Goals that the UN has set for the planet in Agenda 2030 and which the city of Lugano itself has taken to heart by promoting the #luganosustainable project.

  • Objective n. 3: Health and well-being;
  • Objective n. 11: Sustainable cities and communities;
  • Objective n. 13: Fight against climate change;
  • Objective n. 15: Life on Earth.

The history of architecture has always been characterized by the experimentation of innovative housing solutions, in search of new ways of inhabiting and experiencing the nature that surrounds us, adapting both to the needs of society and to changes in the environmental context.

Floating architecture responds to the problem of climate change, the environmental impact of urbanization, but also to new social needs.










Early Bird registrations opening

65.- CHF / team


Standard Registration opening

85.- CHF / team


Late Registration opening

115.- CHF / team


Material submission Deadline


Dedicated event and awarding of the winners


Total value: 11.285 CHF

  • 1.500 CHF
  • 1 Free workstation in BeSpace for 1 year (value 6.000 CHF)
  • 1 BIM course (20 hours) in collaboration with BIMticino (value 1.500 CHF)
  • 1 ArchiCad license for 1 year (value 2.000 CHF)
  • 1 Subscription to the digital newspaper of the Corriere del Ticino for 1 year (value 285 CHF)


Total value: 4.785 CHF

  • 1.000 CHF
  • 1 BIM course (20 hours) in collaboration with BIMticino (value 1.500 CHF)
  • 1 ArchiCad license for 1 year (value 2.000 CHF)
  • 1 Subscription to the digital newspaper of the Corriere del Ticino for 1 year (value 285 CHF)


Total value: 2.285 CHF

  • 500 CHF
  • 1 BIM course (20 hours) in collaboration with BIMticino (value 1.500 CHF)
  • 1 Subscription to the digital newspaper of the Corriere del Ticino for 1 year (value 285 CHF)

Metaverse Mention

  • 1 Land on “The Nemesis” metaverse

V-ZUG Mention

  • Mention for the most deserving project for creativity and attention to the theme of sustainability

Per tutti i partecipanti

  • 1 Subscription to the digital newspaper of the Corriere del Ticino for 3 months
  • 1 Certificate of participation

BeSpace Group was born with the desire to be the first international network of professionals and companies that aims to innovate and enhance the architecture-real estate combination by integrating Italian creativity and entrepreneurship with Swiss organization and finance.

BeSpace is also intended as a reference hub to welcome freelance professionals in the sector, architects and interior designers, who want to experience the profession in a new way and in a young, dynamic and stimulating place.

Within the BeSpace areas, freelancers have at their disposal a prestigious office, meeting rooms, a refreshment area, a terrace with a magnificent view of Lake Lugano and the opportunity to participate both in free training courses held by partner companies and free events, both useful for meeting other professionals in the sector.

Jury President

Eros Mercolli

Project Account Manager for V-ZUG and project development manager.

Graduated as company manager with twenty years of experience in furniture design and event organization.

Ski expert and trainer for Youth and Sports.


Mino Caggiula

Owner of his own architectural studio in Lugano. Architect with international experience and winner of numerous competitions.

The key element of his projects is the study of the surrounding environment to allow the structure to fit harmoniously into the landscape.


Francesco Frontini

Professor of innovative technologies and sustainable design.

Co-Founder of the innovative start-up iWin – innovative Windows.

Expert in integrated photovoltaic systems in buildings and in the simulation of natural light.


Emanuele Gianola

Director and Partner of Capifid Real Estate Valuations, an independent company specialized in real estate valuations according to national (SVS) and international (IVS) standards, in real estate consultancy and strategy.

RICS member (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), holds a Master in Real Estate Management and is certified SEC (Swisse Experts Certification) according to the ISO 17024 standard.


Gio Gozzi

Architect and PhD in architecture and environmental technology, he works as a freelancer (owner of his own architecture studio) and university teaching, as a professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic.


Andrea Roscetti

Engineer, construction physicist and editor of Archi magazine. Lecturer/researcher at the University of Italian Switzerland – Mendrisio Academy of Architecture.

Collaborator at the research group on energy end-use efficiency at the Milan Polytechnic.